Charlton Bakehouse aka The Breadshed at the bottom of our garden with chickens!
We're a small-batch bakery based in Charlton, specialising in organic sourdough bread with a delicious sideline in pastries and seasonal treats.

We supply The Village Greengrocer, GG Sparkes, SWOP zerowaste, Penge FoodHub, The Very Green Grocer.

During the Covid-19 Lockdown we are also delivering bread in our local area.

Please contact us if you live near the borders as we may be able to include you on our route.

PS do you remember the Book Bag Bakers? that's us! It all began when two dads chatting at the school gates discovered a mutual love of bread-making and had the idea that their fellow parents might like to pick up a loaf when they dropped off the kids. Phil's a musician by trade and still bakes for his family; Simon found his vocation. He invested in two ovens and a custom-built breadshed, and the Charlton Bakehouse was born . . .

I remember Book Bag Bakers sourdough!